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Fortunately, all Kathy fans were surprised in summer 2016, when she reappeared alive and well and back on the show.George Holloway certainly wouldn’t have been called “Lofty,” if it wasn’t for actor Tom Watt’s height.Since leaving “East Enders” in 1988, Tom Watt has had a handful of roles in TV series and movies.He appeared in feature films “Saint Jude,” “Sherlock Holmes,” and “The Cucaracha Club.” He also became a sports journalist and the ghostwriter for David Beckham’s autobiography.

” She had a reoccurring role, in 2015, in the show “Detectorists.” She also recently starred in the horror movie “The Haunting of Ellie Rose.” Kathy, played by Gillian Taylforth, is one of the original characters of “East Enders.” As one of the original characters, Kathy has dealt with many different story lines, including rape, adoption, domestic abuse, and infidelity.Michael Greco won the British Soap award for sexiest male in both 19 for his role as Beppe.Since his policing days, Michael Greco has kept busy.After a a series of unfortunate, Aidan comes to his senses and blames Mandy for all his misfortunes and returns to his homeland of Ireland.Sean Maguire has come a long way since his footballing days in Walford.He is currently the lead presenter for BBC London’s soccer coverage and he also hosts weekly programs for Arsenal’s club TV channel.He is also credited with producing the children’s sport series “Rookies.” Michelle Ryan made her character, Zoe Slater, unforgettable when she uttered the words “You ain’t my muvva!Aidan Brosnan was the upcoming footballer in Walford.Aidan, played by Sean Maguire falls for Mandy Salter, who becomes a bad influence on him.After taking a day job as a taxi driver, he eventually partners with Steve Owen and begins managing a nightclub. He unsuccessfully tries to convince her to not marry Garry Hobbs.When he finds out his mother has died he sells the club and leaves Walford to be with his family.

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