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“There are several types of hauntings and apparitions,” said Corrigan.“Some are not aware that you’re there, and continue to replay their former life events over and over.“All of a sudden, everything got foggy in my head,” said Miles.“I didn’t know where I was, or where I was going.” The brain fog eventually passed.“It had to be a pretty active vehicle,” said Dreger.

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“In some cases, we get very legible answers to our questions,” said Dreger.

As for the owner of the Hillbilly Garage, Jamie Johnston thinks he might have the answer for the ultimate in rodent-free winter vehicle storage.

WHEN well-known South Lismore corner shop Skimmos closes its doors this afternoon, it will be the final time.

“This car has no evidence of mice inside,” said Johnston, pointing out the 1970’s era faux fur that is still intact on the door panels. “The neighbourhood cats walk on every car in the yard, but they steer clear of this one.” Gerry Miles felt steered by the car one night, while enjoying his hobby of night photography.

In the wee small hours of one shoot, he felt something strange come over him, as he headed back to Winnipeg.

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