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'Just Mike'; USA, Section Walker, Chris 'Stay Puft'; MA, USA, NOBO Wallace, Rick; TN, USA, Section Walsh, Derick 'Dirty Jesus'; IN, USA, NOBO Walsh, James 'True Grits'; ME, USA, SOBO Walsh, Jeff 'Potable'; FL, USA, SOBO Wapner, Pearl 'Sweet Spot'; VA, USA, NOBO Ward, Bailey 'Stargazer'; OK, USA, NOBO Wargo, Valerie 'Possum'; IL, USA, SOBO Watson, Murrah 'Foghat'; GA, USA, Flip Watt, David 'Dave'; FL, USA, Section Weaver, Adam 'Coach'; PA, USA, NOBO Weeber, Jared 'Fuego'; OH, USA, SOBO Weimann, Rebecca 'Beast'; SWITZERLAND, NOBO Weinman, Zachary 'French Dip'; NC, USA, Flip Weintraub, Rachele 'Firefly'; NJ, USA, Flip Welt, John 'Pa John'; AL, USA, NOBO West, Carson 'Yardsale'; GA, USA, NOBO West, Gregory 'Hoot'; NY, USA, Section Westervelt, Ben 'Grease Spot'; OR, USA, Section Westfall, David 'JD'; GA, USA, Flip Westmoreland, Henry 'Moxie'; NY, USA, Sobo Weyer, Andrew 'Imposter'; PA, USA, NOBO Whitaker, Katherine 'Lumberjack'; ME, USA, NOBO White, Tory 'Lakes'; CO, USA, NOBO Whitehead, Bill 'Quietman'; TX, USA, NOBO Whitney, Colette 'Grinder'; NC, USA, NOBO Wigley, Josh 'Peter Pan'; FL, USA, NOBO Wilcox, Carl 'Avalanche'; ME, USA, NOBO Willemin, Courtney 'Hoops'; NC, USA, NOBO Willhelm, Travis 'Tunnel Rat'; SC, USA, Flip Williams, Brandon 'Waldo'; VA, USA, NOBO Williams, Bridget 'Giggles'; VA, USA, NOBO Williams, David '1st Sgt'; TX, USA, NOBO Williams, Joshua 'Switchback'; ITALY, NOBO Williams, Larry 'Sarge'; TN, USA, NOBO Williams, Noah 'Narwhal'; NC, USA, NOBO Williams, Wesley 'Yahtzee'; CA, USA, NOBO Williamson, Drew 'Fresh'; OH, USA, NOBO Wilson, Nancy 'Singing Sister'; TN, USA, Section Wilson, Ned 'Willie'; IN, USA, NOBO Wingad, Keith R.

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'Longstride'; Silver Spring, MD, NOBO Bailey, Leisel 'Back Seat Driver'; Buffalo Gap, TX, NOBO Bailey, Dave 'Morel'; Buffalo Gap, TX, NOBO Baker, Nathan R.

'Mishap'; Seattle, WA, NOBO Bardsley, Christiana D.

'Pocahontas (Party Foul)'; Exeter, RI, NOBO Barker, Elisabeth S.; Bluefield, VA, NOBO Barker, Clayton 'Cockblockmoses'; Kalamazoo, MI, SOBO Barkin, Claire E.

Abbey, Laura 'Minnie Mouse'; NJ, USA, NOBO Abdunnasir, Hesham 'Tall Boy'; NY, USA, NOBO Abel, Robert 'O²'; TX, USA, Section Abel, Thomas 'Red Beard'; FL, USA, SOBO Abraham, Stefan 'Two Trails'; IL, USA, Flip Abrams, Trevor 'Frisbee'; MD, USA, NOBO Adams, Amanda 'Tropical'; FL, USA, Flip Adams, John 'Kiltman'; FL, USA, NOBO Aguiar, Oakley 'Velveeta'; PA, USA, NOBO Aiken, Berkley 'TEN'; TN, USA, NOBO Alexander, Christine 'Summercamp'; GA, USA, NOBO Algie, Sakkara 'Nepala'; OR, USA, Section Allen, James 'Crazy Tree'; GA, USA, NOBO Allison, Mathew 'Single T'; CO, USA, NOBO Alm, John 'Umbrella Face'; RI, USA, NOBO Almy, Sam 'Cauldron'; AZ, USA, SOBO Aloe, Amy 'Tuff Broad'; ME, USA, NOBO Alvarado, Judi 'Flicker'; OH, USA, NOBO Amerine, Ethan 'Piper'; OH, USA, NOBO Amos, Jeff 'Captain'; GA, USA, NOBO Amundson, Dan 'Bullseye'; NM, USA, NOBO Amzalleg, Yaakob 'Rock Spider'; , ISRAEL, Section Anders, Constance 'Spiraea'; IN, USA, Section Anderson, Kelly 'Sleeping Beauty'; DE, USA, Flip Andrade, Amanda 'Clearwater'; NC, USA, NOBO Angel, Hector 'Bodhi'; GA, USA, NOBO Ankermann, Kyle 'Chicklet'; ME, USA, NOBO Annaloro, Patrick 'Timber'; LA, USA, NOBO Arbel, Shani 'snapchat'; VA, USA, NOBO Armistead, Tom 'Swamp Fox'; CT, USA, Section Arnett, Kelly 'Safari'; NC, USA, Section Arsenault, Charlie 'TNC'; MA, USA, Flip Artinger, Ian 'Little Prince'; NV, USA, NOBO Ashcraft, Jr., Kenneth 'Piper'; OH, USA, Section Asprocolas, Ashley 'Leap Frog'; PA, USA, NOBO Auger, Patrick 'Not Solo'; , CANADA, NOBO Ault, Dave 'Magoo'; OH, USA, Section Autry, Christopher 'Adele'; RI, USA, NOBO Bachmann, Katja 'Flashfire'; , GERMANY, NOBO Bacon, Steve 'Huckleberry Finch'; IN, USA, SOBO Baidas, Piotr 'Wiki'; TX, USA, SOBO Bailey, Mark 'Uncle Pyro'; VA, USA, NOBO Bailey, Bill 'B²'; TN, USA, Flip Baker, Adam 'Root Beer'; FL, USA, NOBO Baker, Colin 'Footprint'; TX, USA, NOBO Baker, Nathan 'Hansel'; VT, USA, NOBO Baker, Philip 'Sure Foot'; TX, USA, Flip Bakkar, Linda 'Soulflower'; CO, USA, Section Baldwin, B.

David; NC, USA, Section Ball, Kristy 'Tattoo'; TX, USA, NOBO Bardill, Elmar 'Cooper'; SWITZERLAND, NOBO Barger, Michael 'Tengo Hambre'; NY, USA, NOBO Barnett, Jacob 'Chef Boy RD'; NJ, USA, NOBO Barr, Jeffery 'Tin Cup'; IL, USA, NOBO Barrera, Abe 'Diablo'; CA, USA, SOBO Bates, Robert 'Tree Beard'; NJ, USA, SOBO Bayer, Andrew 'Carolina Red'; WI, USA, NOBO Bayer, Matthew 'Long Dong'; WI, USA, NOBO Beaty, Brian 'M. A.'; MA, USA, SOBO Beauchamp, Walter 'Sensei'; QC, CANADA, NOBO Bela, Gyula '4WD'; FL, USA, NOBO Belcher, Christian 'Bruce Wayne'; SC, USA, SOBO Bell, David 'House'; CT, USA, Section Benz, Ryan 'Scrambler'; NJ, USA, NOBO Bernier, Colin 'Mr.

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