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In addition to her acting, Alba is a very successful entrepreneur with her ‘Honest’ company’s success. Even those who didn’t like the genre loved her country-pop style.In 1995 she sold over 20 million copies internationally of her album The Woman in Me.

Marisa was introduced to us as Maggie on The Cosby Show spin-off A Different World.

Who can forget Andrea Barber’s character on Full House? Titanic, the Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction, the Silence of the Lambs, Clueless and everyone’s favorite hero, Forrest Gump. So much so, that we all at times become nostalgic to a decade long gone, which is why we should also thank 21st century technology for helping us with our 90s craving.

Or Jaleel White’s famous words, “did I do thatttttt.” How how about Denise Richards making cameos on any and every TV show you can imagine? There are endless blockbuster movies, best-selling albums, and award winning sitcoms to choose from; and it’s all thanks to the producers, directors and, of course, the stars behind these entertaining hits who were nothing short of astounding. Some are still tearing up Hollywood with blockbuster movies, new hit singles and world tours that bring us back to our childhood and glory days.

But here’s a little known fact about the stunning lady, she may be singing American country music, but she was born and raised in Ontario, Canada! She is as famous today as she was in the 90s, even though her music-making is much slower.

She has won multiple Grammy Awards, and a star on both Canada and Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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