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“For a lot of people, arranged marriage here is taken as a joke,” notes Nanjiani. All my aunts, uncles, cousins, my parents are in arranged marriages.

So we tried to show how it really does work for people.” Gordon adds that before she met Nanjiani, she had a friend in grad school who was entering into an arranged marriage.

Gordon says her mother and father are quite different from the characters played by Hunter and Romano, though they’re thrilled with their doppelgangers.

“My family’s favorite movie is ‘Raising Arizona,’ so they could not believe it,” Gordon says with a laugh.

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The pair took pains to present such cultural practices in a fair light.“Though right before we started shooting, he did say, ‘You guys really stuck in there. ’” To hear Apatow tell it, the script needed time to develop, much like his films “Bridesmaids” and “Trainwreck,” which also had long gestation periods.“If written badly, it would have been a rough movie to get through,” Apatow admits.And, of course, it’s a passion project for the couple, whose real-life story lent itself to good cinematic material.In many ways, their anniversary shouldn’t be happening.“I was glad I had a framework of someone who was super happy, not coerced into it,” she says.“And they’ve been together 12 years now.” For three years, Gordon says, she and Nanjiani kept at the script.“I’d be playing video games and would get an email from her with completed scenes and go, ‘Oh man, she’s showing me up.I have to get on this.’” They knew from the start that since the project wasn’t a documentary, certain elements would be invented or changed.Written by Nanjiani and Gordon, the film also sparked a bidding war, with Amazon Studios acquiring the rights for million.“The Big Sick” manages to be both broad in its comedy (Judd Apatow is one of the producers) and intensely personal, tackling topics not usually seen in summer comedies, like illness, religion and race relations.

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