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It’s no coincidence that the first use of a weapon of mass destruction anywhere in the last quarter century came from a dictatorship in Syria in trying to suppress a popular uprising, in trying to suppress the aspirations of young people who simply wanted jobs and education and opportunity.

Slavery was written into our Constitution before it was written out.

And so the United States of America will continue to speak out, without a hint of arrogance or apology, on behalf of people who stand up for their universal rights.

And we will stand up in many cases for those who are deprived of the opportunity to be able to stand up for themselves.

“Thank you everyone who came out to celebrate my election with us,” Alexander said via Facebook.

“It’s been quite a road.” He added: “Now it’s time to get to work and build a community that is inclusive and one that capitalizes on the richness of our diversity. Let’s do this TOGETHER, as one people.” Alexander is set to replace Democratic Representative Irene Bustamante Adams after the 2018 November elections.

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