Kevin cheng and charmaine sheh dating 2016

Ruco Chan or Chan Ching Pang is not a new actor in Hong Kong.

He's my first serious boyfriend and this is my longest relationship so far. I watch a lot of movies with my boyfriend and we're always looking at how different actors act. I will say handsome because my current boyfriend does not have money. If he does not mind, I will earn money to support him! When we get married, I will be a virtuous wife and learn how to prepare soups….” The boyfriend Eunis was referring to was Ruco Chan.” In a February 2010 interview, Eunis revealed that her relationship with her boyfriend was stable. Ruco Chan rises in popularity for his well mannered barrister role (Keith) in The Other Truth.Hong Kong media outlets have pointed to his age as the reason for this change, speculating that he is finally ready to settle down and get married.However, Chan, who joined TVB as an actress after winning the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant in 2013, says marriage is not on the cards just yet.(Laughs) This is embarrassing, but I have never seen any of his dramas before and this is a guy who has done some really famous dramas. If you don't know him, he can seem very cool and a little standoffish. What made you join the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant? When I was younger, I thought I would become a teacher. If you live and work in Hong Kong, you can't expect that everything will be in English. He has never forced me to watch any of them, but I bought the DVDs recently, so I plan to watch them. But when you do talk to him and he sees that you're really interested in acting and want to do better, then he's super enthusiastic and wants to help you out. It's more important how well I can communicate with my significant other. I've watched the pageant on TV ever since I was little and the contestants always represented confidence and poise to me. I thought joining the pageant would help me feel more confident as a woman as well. Now that I've tried acting though, I'm really enjoying it. Growing up, my dad always spoke to me in Cantonese, so at least I can speak it. So I shouldn’t mind it if he’s what people always associate me with.” Another reason, perhaps, why she is undaunted by the label is that she never feels slighted in their relationship despite the wide gap in both their ages and star status. Whenever we’re together, I’m happy and comfortable enough that I never feel like a shadow.” The pair reportedly started dating after filming together last year.She says: “We’re equal partners in the relationship. She plays a woman who pines for his vampire hunter character.The 24-year-old rising star, who has been dating Hong Kong A-list actor Kevin Cheng, 46, for the past year, is "completely comfortable" with the label, she says.In Singapore recently to promote the TVB vampire series Blue Veins, which she acts in, the Hong Kong-born Canadian actress tells The Straits Times with a grin: "I love my boyfriend and I respect him.

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