Kim junsu and telisha shaw dating dating personal christian

She made such cute faces while she moved like she was feeling every emotion with her whole body.

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Telisha is also thinking about her agent Erin and how she was adamant about pushing her to move from the danceworld to the acting world.Her clothes are all black and kind of sexy as well.She's thinking that it would be a greatoutfit to wear to the club.But, ironically it also notes an enduring strength and a resilient nature.Her name is Telisha Shaw and even though she is supposed to be working she's completely distracted by her thoughts.The man notices her at the same time and as their eyes meet they both burst out laughing.She turns as he puts his handin front of his mouth.It was like he was worshiping her; even his eyes looked at her like she was themost beautiful woman in the world. Then he leaned down and kissed her and all her questions melted right out of her head. His kiss seemed familiar somehow; it honestly felt like she had kissed him before and his taste wasunexpectedly evocative and addictive.Telisha's hands made their way into his hair and she moaned.Telisha remembers that his name is Jun…no Jun- as she watches his eyes dance a loud almost comical burst of sound comes out frombehind his hands.. Telisha's eyes widen in alarm and she laughs even harder. As their mirth abates intowarm smiles she bows in an attempt to copy the behavior she noticed the boys doing when they met in the morning but miscalculates as Junsu extends hishand to shake hers.They start laughing again as she awkwardly straightens and shakes his hand.

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