Kontak wechat chat sex

I lead into the subject of intercourse by asking about her intercourse life and from there, the texts develop into extra flirtatious and sexual – typically, we might find yourself sending raunchy pictures or movies to one another,” George told Asia One. Definitely not for George, as his spouse has yet to discover his various hunts on the chat app.In just a few clicks, George said, he is able to sign out of the app.

This is why we have seen messaging apps such as LINE, We Chat, Viber, Telegram, Bee Talk and more explode in popularity over the past few years.

So how true is it that creepy guys lurk around on We Chat every day, on the hunt for unsuspecting female users?

To test this out for ourselves, we signed up for an account as a female on We Chat, and switched on the ‘Discover’ feature, allowing other users to contact us.

We chatted with some of them, and over the subsequent days, most of the male users made clear their intent to ask us (the ‘female’ user) out.

One was even more direct and went straight for the kill, posting sexual photos in hopes that we would reciprocate.

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