Legal dating age difference in oregon

the good is that, I learned to love the right type of guy, the bad news is, I love the guy that I can't be with. when he likes or love someone, he stays true to one. There is a law, however, preventing you from SCREWING somebody more than 3 years older than you. excon I'm really wondering what is the legal age to go into a relationship with for a 16 year old? and i wonder if it would be legal if i were to have a boyfriend that is 20 years old. I dated my fianc when he was underage and had a sexual relationship I was legal but personally I don't care what the laws are. If you know right from wrong then you have the right to date, if you don't know what's right and wrong then play games, study and wait until you figure it all out. Back at school, in health class, i was told that you can not date anyone more than 3 years older than u... There are other, similar threads here that have links to the age of consent in various parts of the world. But as excon said, ther is nothing illegal about dating a 20 year old, but there may be something illegal about having sex with him. :( I think that you already know the answer to your question because of what your teacher or teachers have been teaching you in Health Class. During this whole time, the guy a called brother was always here for me to talk to me... He keeps telling me that my boyfriend will keep on doing the same thing to me, but I never listened to my brother, but it turned out to be true, whatever my brother tried to warn me. I cried non stop, it hurt so much, my chest actually hurts. There is NO law that prevents you from having a RELATIONSHIP with anybody!! But one has to wonder what attraction (other than sexual) a 16 yr old would have for a 20 yr old. Now so no one gets up in my face, ill say if you are more then 4 yrs apart that can get a bit werid. Really though, he loves me like a sister and he will always do. Back then when I was 12, I didn't know anything about this law. But when he doesn't want me anymore, he brought up this subject and sayd, he can't even touch me and blahs, he can't even hang out with me cause of my age. he brought up the subject about the age difference. All because he is 4 years older than me, if only he was one year younger.. But I guess it'd still be the same solution, because my god brother doesn't love me like that.

I'm really wondering what is the legal age to go into a relationship with for a 16 year old? and I wonder if it would be legal if I were to have a boyfriend that is 20 years old. Yes many states have the 3 year rule, so since your teacherrs have stated that, then this must be the rule in your state. Also, the word love gets bounced around a lot among people around your age, I met a guy, we shared a coke, I love him, too fast too soon... He's a smart guy, he can tell, and he knows i love him. This other guy was my first boyfriend and first love.

if you date anyone more than 3 years older than u.. But one has to wonder what attraction (other than sexual) a 16 yr old would have for a 20 yr old. And then he honestly told me straight up that i shouldn't waste my time with this feeling i have.

Hey i like your comment on one of the users that answered my question! And i know he will never go out with a minor like me.

He's actually someone i call brother, no he's not my real brother. But one day this guy step into my life and changed it completely, i respect him so much like a brother.

But while we were together, I didn't know that he was with this other girl.. Even when I found out, he kept on lying to me and I somewhat believe.. And it hurts me, because he knew that all along, but chose to tell me after I start to love him so much, now its so hard to erase that feeling.

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