Lenox marks dating

Lenox has made it fairly easy to identify the age of its china.

The first pieces were stamped with “Ceramic Art Company” or “Lenox Belleek,” depending on the style.

(Reposted from Lenox-China.net)It is believed that the first china markings were done by Meissen Royal Manufactory in the eighteenth century.

The king of Saxony, Augustus Rex (also known as Augustus the Strong), commissioned the first production of hard-paste porcelain in Europe.

Related pieces may also be listed in the Ceramic Art Co.

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The marks used by the firm have changed through the years, so collectors can date the ceramics. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=lenox&lgeo=1&mpre= If there is not a pattern name, look for a series of letters and numbers either on the bottom or on the rim of a piece.The first set of numbers before the slash describes the piece’s shape.Markings are often located on the bottom of a piece, and usually include (depending on the age of the item) a pattern name, a product number, the year of its creation, company name, retailer, and/or brand name.To make life even more confusing for the identifier, sometimes a piece will have both the name of the factory which produced the piece, as well as another mark signifying the decorator.Down through the years Belleek have introduced numerous variations on the original trademark introduced by the founders in the 1860s.Initially no great thought was given to changing trademarks and it was first changed in 1891 due to the Mc Kinley Tariff Act that compelled imported product into the United States to state their country of origin.Next, you will find a letter and a number (and sometimes, a second letter), which makes up the date code.If you find a date code but no pattern name, the piece was likely created before 1950—the year when Lenox quit using the date code system.Belleek already had a large export market in the United States among the many Irish emigrants and they immediately saw the benefits of marking Belleek products with "Made in Ireland" This second mark remained in place until 1926 when Belleek introduced its third mark probably to coincide with the Wembley Exhibition of 1926.A circle with Celtic knot work was added with the Gaelic words "deanta in éireann" meaning made in Ireland.

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