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Laura Bilotta’s ‘Single in the City’ is a must-read for anyone having trouble finding a lasting relationship.

Her insightful tips and savvy suggestions will help anyone re-evaluate who they are, and what they are looking for in a mate.

Today's dating world isn't always the easiest to navigate.

The author shares sound, practical advice for doing so.

4 contacts since then but either match not available (no response) or again very inappropriate for me.

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Only one date since then and the contact was nice but absolutely not my style.

With more woman finding their independence and taking positions of power, unintentionally emasculating a man is becoming more and more common today." And: "There are studies that show most male anger stems from their failure of feeling like a protector, provider and lover."This chapter annoyed the hell out of me. To all the men out there feeling emasculated by that, you can f-off. Go back to chapter one and become a better person before dating.

So if you take that chapter with a large grain of salt (or ignore it completely), this is an interesting book and would be helpful to someone looking to get into dating or someone who is struggling to find a good match.

She does a great job sharing from her wealth of knowledge as a dating coach to offer wisdom, tips and suggestions to help you through some of the more common situations, plus also some of the more obscure.

If you are single and looking, you will find great advice in this book."Living in the 21st Century will give us access to learn and be better, technology will make you and feel smarter.

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