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It’s important to remember that after the divorce is final, you may get taxed on the marital assets you received through your settlement.Say your spouse handles all the investments and offers to split them 50/50. The only way to know if you’re getting a fair deal is to determine the value of the investments on an after-tax basis, then decide if you like the deal.If you need to talk through the emotional aspects of your divorce, or need career counseling or financial analysis, save money on additional attorney’s fees and be sure to talk to the right professionals, such as a licensed therapist, vocational expert, or a financial planner.Both spouses and children must make compromises in their life styles post-divorce.Again, you should speak with a tax professional about the impact of any proposed property division before you agree to it.If you’re trying to decide whether your spouse’s proposed divorce settlement is fair and workable, you should try to figure out how the settlement will impact your finances in the years ahead.

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These attorneys can provide advice on divorce-related issues, but they are not therapists or certified financial planners.For example, if one spouse is hiding assets or income, and refuses to come clean, you may have to head to court where a judge can order your spouse to comply.Or, if one spouse is unwilling to compromise, mediation probably won’t work.If you believe your spouse may liquidate (sell or transfer to cash) assets or retitle marital assets without your consent, notify the holder of the asset or property in writing and get a restraining order from the court.Watch out for any cash held in joint checking and brokerage accounts, and the cash value of life insurance policies.The biggest mistake divorcing spouses can make is being in the dark about finances.If your spouse has always handled all of the financial decisions in your household and you don’t have any information about you and your spouse’s income and assets, your spouse will have an unfair advantage over you when it comes time to settle the financial issues in your divorce.Mediation also provides divorcing couples a lot of flexibility, in terms of making their own decisions about what works best for their family, compared with the traditional adversarial legal process, which involves a court trial where a judge makes all the decisions.Mediation, however, is not appropriate for all couples.You should speak with a local divorce attorney or financial planner that specializes in divorce for help analyzing any proposed financial settlement.The marital residence, the pension you earned, a painting purchased during your marriage - these assets often bring an emotionally charged debate to divorce negotiations, which can impair good decision-making.

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