Live flasher cams

For cameras with longer lenses, make a "milk jug screen." Find a milk or juice container made of translucent plastic.

Cut it to form a rectangular strip that is five to six inches wide and taller than the height of your camera.

It is possible to take professional-looking flash pictures with these tricks.

Never Aim a Loaded Flash at Someone What's true of guns is also true of camera flashes: never point them directly at a subject.

0 on a fancy digital camera, so why does the flash turn your beautifully lit living room into a haunted cavern every time you photograph it?

You can purchase a professional diffuser for your camera, or you can make your own using cheap household objects.

It's designed for shooting in harsh sunlight, where it fills in the shadows in your scene.

But it's also the best mode to use when there's some light in the room, but not enough to see all the details.

Try the fill flash, but it's still best used with a diffuser. It fires the flash like normal, but it leaves the camera's shutter open longer.

The flash lights up your primary subject clearly in the frame, but then the rest of the shot left to be filled in by the slow trickle of dim light.

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