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This is a city view of Al Khabeesi: it is also very close to the airport.

It will give you a view of an area near to the Dubai International Airport.

To learn more about the Dubai International Airport, and see what it is like for travelers passing through, look at this video: Dubai Airport flight tracker This video gives an inside peak into an average day at the airport.

It talks about the airport team and staff, the immigration process, its speed and efficiency with e-gates, and the foreign affairs center.

Take advantage of the free webcams that you can easily access.

Many of these webcams will give you live feed of a variety of different locations near the airport.

To see a map of the dubai airport click on the link.Webcams are also very useful for those who are just curious about the area and who want to see firsthand what it is like there.Keep in mind that Dubai is in an entirely different timezone from North America.These webcams should give you a much more detailed glimpse into the Dubai area.In 2015 alone Dubai received well over 5.5 million tourists, and for good reason.It is not uncommon to look at a live feed in the daylight, in North America, and see an image of Dubai at night.Look at the time difference in order to get a glimpse of Dubai during its daylight hours.In 1959 Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, ordered the construction of the airport. Map of the Dubai Airport The runway was made out of sand and it could handle a small aircraft.Several more years after that construction for an asphalt runway began.A year later the business had grown to four flying boats a week.British Overseas Airways Corporation began operating the flying boats in the 40s.

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