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Pro tip: You need to be careful when browsing girls pictures, as some will be filtered using Instagram or taken at funny angles to hide how fat/spotty/dark they are.

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Well, I hate to tell you this, but if he doesn’t come back he would never have married you anyway. If a woman can’t commit to marrying you now, she almost definitely never will. Have you been in a long relationship that ended well? You can share your thoughts in the comments section below.If you’re a white male, keep on reading for my review of Thai Friendly.The number one sure way to find a Thai girlfriend sometimes before even landing in Thailand is to visit the Thai Friendly dating site.Many girls are working long hours so they don’t have the time to socialize, they find using Thai Friendly a great way to find relationships of all kinds.The average workday can last as long as 10-12 hours for a Thai girl, then using public transport to get back home, that’s another 1-2 hours.But like I said 99% of the girls on Thai friendly are just your average Thai girl, its not even worth worrying about, but I thought I would mention it in case anybody was wondering.This website is by far the easiest place to find a Thai girlfriend or get laid without even having to leave your laptop.When this happens you just got “Thai friendly’d”, and what you do is laugh it off and chalk it up as experience, or maybe send me a read submission of the story!This is quite rare but you should always ask the girl for more pictures or have a quick chat on Skype video to see if she is hiding something.I only ask because the last person didn’t tell me, until we met in person.I am new to Thailand so I am still trying to understand everything, sorry for asking you like this.

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