Malwarebytes anti malware program error updating 11004

The new version is available on the Malwarebytes website as well and can be downloaded from there for manual installation.The new version should install without issues over existing installations.Existing Malwarebytes installations should pick up the update automatically as automatic updates are enabled by default.A click on "install application updates" under Settings Application runs a check for updates if the automatic update functionality is turned off.Report details list a summary and advanced information.The summary lists the same information that Malwarebytes displays in the notification popup that it opens when events are triggered plus The category is listed there.I did not find the category listed in the popup but in the report section.

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MBAM_ERROR_UPDATING (12029, 0, Win Http Send Request) Thanks.

If you are unsure which file this is, try double-clicking both files named mbar - only one of them will run.

Once the tool launches, follow the on-screen instructions to perform a scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit.

Malwarebytes displays information about blocked websites that include the blocked category in the new version according to the release notes.

The category reveals why a site was blocked by the application.

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