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Exactly one year after the single golfers first date, Diane Gunther of North Carolina and Brian Pettet of Virginia Beach got married in Las Vegas, Nevada on Cinco de Mayo.

Diane and Brian were both single golfers and met on Date in April 2006.

Our second date happened to fall on Valentine’s Day – we met in St Kilda and Justin asked me to be his Valentine!

Because of our shared interests we are able to continue our lives as individuals and share our passions with each other.

View her profile PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 04, 2007 SINGLE GOLFERS MARRIED ONE YEAR AFTER MEETING ONLINE “Golf is a lifetime sport and even better with a lifetime partner” – Brian Pettet Las Vegas, NV – Date would like to congratulate two of our members on their recent marriage.

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My goal is to start a trust fund for children with disease through hosting charity golf events. A person who enjoys tradition but can adapt to change.

Working for an event marketing firm and playing golf will help facilitate this goal. A man who values family, work, and civic responsibility.

“It was as if we had known one another for a much longer time.” Choosing an online dating site that was safe and secure for female golfers was a big issue for Diane. _____________________________________________ Featured Member – Mikris # 5288 – New York – MBA, yoga teacher, former model Here is what mikris has to say about herself.

Despite having a golf scholarship at Rutgers University, I decided not to pursue golf as a career.

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