Manager of pid file quit without updating f failed

Some critical sections of the application and server code require synchronization to prevent multiple threads from running this code simultaneously and leading to incorrect results.Synchronization preserves correctness, but it can also reduce throughput when several threads must wait for one thread to exit the critical section."Increased performance can often involve sacrificing a certain level of feature or function in the application or the application server.The tradeoff between performance and feature must be weighed carefully when evaluating performance tuning changes." ( A typical performance exercise can yield a throughput improvement of about 200% relative to default tuning parameters (

Caching is supported at several points in the following systems: Application code profiling can lead to a reduction in the CPU demand by pointing out hot spots you can optimize.

It is always important to consider what happens when some part of a cluster crashes. We recommend prioritizing work into short term (high), 3 months (medium) and long term (low).

How the work is prioritized depends on the business requirements and where the most pain is being felt.

When several threads are waiting to enter a critical section, a thread dump shows these threads waiting in the same procedure. If there is more traffic than the cluster can handle, will it queue and timeout gracefully?

Synchronization can often be reduced by: changing the code to only use synchronization when necessary; reducing the path length of the synchronized code; or reducing the frequency of invoking the synchronized code. Begin by understanding that one cannot solve all problems immediately.

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