Mandating community service

But perhaps the most beneficial part of the SSL hour requirement is that it gives students experience with group dynamics.

When performing community service, students learn to form a cooperative team in order to accomplish their goal.

The community benefits from students' work, and students take away experiences that enable them to live successfully.

Claire Koenig says no: Mandated community service takes away from the meaning of the experience. Apparently, the school system feels that there isn't enough kumbaya to go around, so it has chosen to make service a part of the graduation requirement.

But as students complete their Student Service Learning (SSL) hour requirement cleaning up the environment, they end up picking up a lot more than trash.

For years, high school students have been giving back to the community through the SSL hour requirement.

First and foremost, the SSL hour requirement teaches students responsibility.

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These learning links reinforce the concepts students have been introduced to at school.The purpose of SSL hours is to address community needs in a way that reinforces curriculum goals because they arm students with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for productivity in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world.According to the original 1997 MCPS memo, all community service action, whether it be direct or indirect, encourages career preparation and reflection.Schools are paying 1.8 billion dollars for children to have an education and we should equal it out so it is fair and the children of Hawaiʻi could have a sucessful future in college and could be good, hard workers.I also think public school families take advantage of what they have.Simrin Gupta says yes: The SSL hour requirement benefits the community and encourages responsibility.Picking up trash might not be the average teenager's idea of a fun weekend activity.Prior studies demonstrate differences in the observed characteristics of volunteers and nonvolunteers which could drive the correlation in service over time.Using restricted-access data from the Monitoring the Future project, I find the mandate increased volunteering among eighth-grade students.The obvious merit of community service is not debatable - students learn to appreciate lending a hand while non-profits put those hands to good use.But the logic of forcing people to volunteer falls short when compared to the benefits students gain from the act of offering to perform community service.

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