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At this point, all records available in Swain County and online come to an end.

New entries in the town records (which were burned in the fire) are not re-initiated until late February, 1908.

The people of Bryson City are not going to take the law into their own hands if they can avoid it but they are determined that the negroes shall behave themselves.He does not wish to return and it was necessary for Sheriff Hunter to secure requisition papers." Other than Will Trotter, the fate of the other defendants involved in the uprising are unknown.I plan to make a trip to the North Carolina State Archives in the upcoming months and most definitely plan to look up the case.Trotter was sentenced in Swain County for a term of two years for assault with a deadly weapon and the Swain authorities asked Buncombe county to take charge of him.The chain gang life did not suit Trotter and he left camp with 18 months to serve and he will yet have to serve this term because the time during which he has been enjoying freedom will not be counted off.If I can locate anything of interest, I will most certainly plan to post an update.*********************************************************************** There is an odd postscript to this story.Serious trouble had been momentarily expected and both whites and blacks have been armed for several days.About twenty white men were standing on the platform of the station when a squad of negroes approached, stopped a short distance away, and without further warning began to shoot into the crowd, five of the men being struck before their companions had grasped the situation sufficiently to prepare for a defense." Apparently the Bryson City town council and Swain County commissioners took action immediately after the affray, passing a curfew applicable only to the African-American population, requiring them to be off the streets of town by pm. A few days later, this article was circulated: "A special this afternoon from Bryson City, where occurred a shooting scrape between negroes and whites Sunday night, resulting in the wounding of several, says that Laston Powell (note: this is actually Lawson Howell) and Will Trotter, two of the negroes, believed to be ringleaders, have been held to the grand jury by the mayor of the city. Two other negroes, Tom De Hart and Carey Fisher, arrested charged with carrying concealed weapons, have been placed in jail.Upon digging into this and accessing an online archival database of newspapers, I found that this claim appears to have some basis in fact, and was proceeded by a good degree of unrest.Several newspapers across the country circulated this news brief: The trouble occurred at the Southern Railway Station, where a large number of passengers were in the waiting room of the station.

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    Other monuments include the Neratze mosque (the Municipal Odeon arts centre), the Great Gate ( or "Porta Guora"), the Piazza Rimondi and the Loggia.