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f Journal of the Bombay Branch Royal Ashtta- Society . Gardner and Poole's Coins of the Greek :*'n 1 Scythic Kings of Bactria and India in tie , Indian Mu-eiim , .

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In her great joy at the re^tora- tion of her liul a coarse um-ffui* .1 Mijjar.

AUKEL STEIN, Buda-Pesth Afghanistan in Avestic Geography ... A day or two later the thag who plaj^ed the part of a woman re •[ nested the princess to lend him some ten thousand rupees, promising to return them when roinittances arrived fmm his country. reiy night the i Ji Ofjs quietly decamped The R'lvariya and his wife henceforward from the city, and washed oif their assumed I lived in peace and happiness, and the thagsalso forms at the first river that came in their !

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