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The Cat reveals he wants them to learn to have fun, but the children's pet fish doesn't want the Cat around when Joan is away.

The Cat then leaves a trail of destruction across the house.

Allen stated, "My dream is to give it the edge that scared me." However, producers did not commission a screenplay until late February 2001, when Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer, and Dave Mandel (who were also writers on Seinfeld) were hired to write the script (replacing the original draft of the film that was written a few years before), Makeup for the character was designed by Steve Johnson.

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Sally's brother (who is unnamed in the book and the 1971 TV special), Conrad, is portrayed by Spencer Breslin. Seuss adaptation after the 2000 holiday film How the Grinch Stole Christmas.Newman's cousin, David Newman, composed the score for the film.Although Welch and a publicist for Myers denied it, several people said Myers had considerable input into the film's direction, telling some of the cast (co-stars Baldwin and Preston) how to perform their scenes.Larry goes back to the house, telling Joan to meet him there.By the time the kids and the Cat (and Larry) return to the house with the lock, a huge mess spills from the unlocked crate and enters the house, seemingly killing Larry in the process.They drive a super-powered car which Cat names it S. Meanwhile, Larry is revealed to be an unemployed slob with dentures, and is in financial debt, though claiming that he is a successful businessman in the hopes of marrying Joan for her money.Larry sees Nevins running across the street and tracks down Joan to tell her, but Things 1 and 2 have stalled her on the road, posing as police officers.However, production did not originally start until after the 2000 Christmas/comedy film How the Grinch Stole Christmas, based on another Dr.Seuss book of the same name, became a commercial success.They navigate their way through the oversized house and find the crate while cleaning up. (Dynamic Industrial Renovating Tractormajigger) Afterwards The Cat says goodbye and departs as Joan is arriving.The house is returned to its normal proportions but then immediately falls apart. Larry returns, revealing he survived when all was restored, thinking he has busted the kids, but when Joan sees the clean house (and a messy Larry), she does not believe Larry and dumps him.

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