Matt dallas dating jonathan bennett dating finding one

) wanted to come out while the other wanted to remain in the closet? It gives him a ton of power and has made him a millionaire several times over.

I thought Perez broke that piece of gossip a long time ago and he even concluded the story with that they broke up, because one of them (Jonathan?

He is an untalented actor who, in his desperate quest to belong to "the cool club", sold out and started putting people down.

It's much like the people who are overweight and insecure and criticize anyone who is in shape as being "superficial".[quote]The most pathetic thing about Perez is that, at the end of the day, he is a frustrated actor.

You can pat yourself on the back with all the dollars in the world.

I just don't understand people getting into the entertainment business, and any realism about them is reveled they get pissed off. It didn't matter good or bad just something to keep them out there in the mindset of the public eye. How can you say there was even the slightest emotional investment when he was only stating a very simple fact? All you have to do is pick up the book and you know the identity of the murderer. And I firmly believe that you never have to watch any episodes of "CSI" or "Law and Order" because YOU KNOW THE OUTCOME!!!! As far as his looks go, his glory days are all behind him.He isn't even someone who majored in communications and started a snarky blog.At the end of the day, he still has millions of readers. At the end of the day, r26 can't say the same about himself. Does he really think his former classmates spend a second of their lives thinking about him?As far as his looks go, his glory days are all behind him.Further proof that DL self-delusion apparently has no bounds. He has a lead role in "Eastwick," one of the most anticipated network dramas of the season, and a major step UP from his previous starring role on cable. Hendrickson offers her beard services around like the sweet fag hag she is. He and Matt were together about 10 months and broke up because Matt is deluded enough to think he can pass as a pussy-loving heterosexual.Perez's blog can be summed up very neatly: the chubby gay Latino kid, who the popular white kids ignored in high school, is now getting revenge. Jonathan used to date ex-fellow AMC-er Elizabeth Hendrickson. There were photos in Soap Opera Digest of them holding hands and kissing at the Botanical Gardens one Sunday.Later I read in Soap Opera Weekly that he called it off because it was getting too hot and heavy and he wanted to concentrate on his career. Sounds like a sweet--and straight--guy.[quote]It gives him a ton of power and has made him a millionaire several times over.Yet, when he was a struggling actor he called the Enquirer asking to be mentioned in their rag. I looked at some recent editorial photos of Matt on Getty Images from May 2009.These idiots in Hollywood today want their cake and eat it too. Based on my study of those pictures, I'd say he has quite a few glory days in front of him.[quote]Matt Dallas needs the publicity, he is currently having major financial problems ...I guess if you only care about money and fame you can envy him, but he has nothing going for him: no love life, no true friends, and he employs his mother as his live-in maid.I can't stand Perez but the man's gossip is always right on the money.

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