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Walzer observed the kind of thinking that women do, observed men and found that they don’t do that The column was not designed to bash men.And it did note that men and women spend equal amounts of time doing a combination of paid and unpaid work. Still, it was misguided to suggest that men have lightness of mind.At that point, I have two choices: I can inquire as to the substance of his worry, or I can judge him for not concerning himself with mine. Without being subsumed by one another—where one person swallows up the other—we participate together in the diversification of worry.When I choose the former, we both have room to breathe. As a believer, this diversification is a great gift.An even greater mercy, though, is that even when we are small minded and stressed out, even when we measure half of humanity against ourselves, God doesn't let us dwell there.In a world strained by work and survival, by male and female misunderstandings, and by unmet expectations, disappointment, and loneliness, there a way to unburden oneself of anxiety and trouble.I can only assume that Wade hasn't had close contact with lower-class, middle-class, and even upper-class men who carry significant economic and domestic burdens.Perhaps she means the beleaguered silence that men lapse into when they're accused of not helping enough.

My pastor-husband, for example, often lies awake at night worrying about money, anxious about the health and salvation of our children, fretting about whether he will have a job the next day that will allow everyone to eat, pondering how to relieve the physical burden of housework that I carry, being anxious about the tax bill, calculating how to eke out a holiday or send a child to college, and sometimes praying for the sick, the downcast, and the oppressed.Women accounted for 24% (4,271) of the 18,160 AIDS diagnoses in 2016 and represent 20% (251,653) of the 1,232,346 cumulative AIDS diagnoses in the United States from the beginning of the epidemic through the end of 2016."I was in a new city, needed a doctor, so filled out my health history, my partners, etc.What I worry about is not the same as what my husband worries about.Of course I rejoice that men participate in housework more than men of past generations and that women can work at jobs that interest them, but nonetheless I want to state the obvious: male and female mental processes are not identical, nor should they be.We two, in our unlikeness, compliment each other and temper the anxieties of the flesh that we are so often in the Bible commanded to leave alone. He doesn’t notice what I notice because he is busy noticing that I hadn’t even considered.He carries around a mountain of anxiety just like I do, but it is not the same, and that is a great gift, a blessing, a providential grace.How do men and women share (if at all) the tedious work of mopping floors, changing diapers, and dashing to the grocery store when the milk runs out?And for those who work outside the home, how do they balance both?recently published a piece on housework and parenting asserting that until men share the “invisible workload that drags women down,” women will never be free.Lisa Wade reports on a study by sociologist Susan Walzer in which “Walzer found that women do more of the intellectual, mental, and emotional work of childcare and household maintenance.” She writes, We have come a long way toward giving women the freedom to build a life outside the home, but the last step may be an invisible one, happening mostly in our heads. Of course, someone will always have to remember to buy toilet paper, but if that work were shared, women’s extra burdens would be lifted.

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