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“She loves how raw and passionate his words are,” continued the insider of Rihanna’s duet plans with Meek, adding that the “This Is What You Came For” singer “definitely wants to put things in action so that she can get some studio time with him and brainstorm on a collaboration.”Rihanna and Meek are yet to officially speak out about the report, though the insider added that Rihanna already has some big plans for a potential duet with Drake’s feud partner.“She feels that together the two of them could really make some stuff that would make hip hop pop,” the site’s source revealed.

“Rihanna loves that idea and will not be outdone by anyone.”But it sounds like Rihanna’s alleged plans for a duet with Meek may go a little further that just music.

Meek’s pretty scathing slam came amid reports suggesting that Drake is allegedly willing to wait for Nicki to become single in the wake of his recent breakup with Rihanna as a source claimed that Drake is “infatuated” with Minaj and supposedly believes they’ll soon be dating, despite Minaj not being single.“Drake’s going to date around the block for a cool minute until the woman he truly wants is single — and that special lady is Nicki,” an insider revealed to the site of Drake’s alleged plans to start dating Nicki.

“[Nicki’s] the epitome of everything he wants in a woman,” the insider continued, adding that Drake “is infatuated with her.” alleged that Nicki is actually acting as a shoulder to cry on for the rapper following his recent breakup with Rihanna.“Nicki was a little sad hearing Drake pout and decided to comfort him,” the source claimed of how Minaj and Drake have been interacting in the wake of his and Rihanna’s split, adding that Nicki has been “calling him babe” and “telling him he’s such a good man.”While Drake and Nicki have not officially spoken out regarding the supposed dating rumors, the gossip site even alleged that one of the big reasons Rihanna and Drake stopped dating exclusively is because of the rapper’s alleged “infatuation” with the “Starships” singer.“Drake could never look at Rihanna and tell her that he’s in love with Nicki too,” the site’s insider revealed, alleging that Drake and Rihanna supposedly “had an argument about Nicki because Drake kept rapping the lyrics to a few of his and Nicki’s [collaborations]” just before their breakup.

Drake is allegedly turning his attention to dating Nicki Minaj in the wake of his recent breakup with Rihanna, but it looks like Nicki’s boyfriend, Meek Mill, is hitting back.

While sources claimed that Drake was ready to get together and start dating Nicki, Mill appeared to slam the “Hotline Bling” rapper during a recent Funk Flex Freestyle rap. “N*****s in they feelings, that’s when it get Drizzy.”Drizzy, of course, being Drake’s nickname.

He has been in three celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each. It might have taken time but this could have been the dis track towards Drake that fans have been waiting for.“Views from the projects, and I’m the prospect.Talkin’ loud, say I’m shootin’ out with metal objects,” Meek rapped before he hinted that he has his own past with Rihanna.“And that chick standin’ right beside you, I done popped that, made me beat a fan up, I’m feelin’ like I’m Arttest… ”Meek’s lyrics come amid rumors that Rihanna and Drake are dating., teaming up for a duet with Mill “would also be a total swipe” at Drake, after he and Meek have been locked in a pretty nasty feud for months and amid claims that he may now be looking to start dating Minaj, who’s been in a relationship with Mill for the past two years, following his Rihanna breakup.The site claimed last month that Drake’s “infatuation” with Nicki Minaj may have been a factor in his breakup with Rihanna, as an insider alleged that Rihanna was growing “jealous” of the rapper’s constant gushes over Nicki amid claims he wanted to start dating the star.If he really did hook up with the Barbados beauty, it’s pretty interesting that he’s now in a serious relationship with Nicki, who Drake has admitted he has a crush on in the past.Aside from that, Nicki and Rihanna seemed to friends at one point especially after they worked on a few songs together. “[Nicki’s] the epitome of everything he wants in a woman,” an insider continued of Drake’s feelings for Minaj.But amid the recent slew of rumors surrounding Drake, Meek, Nicki and Rihanna, if Rihanna and Mill do find themselves working on a duet together, their collaboration could potentially add to Meek’s various raps that take aim at Drake.Is Rihanna planning a collaboration with Meek Mill following her recent breakup with Drake?According to reports, just weeks after it was alleged that Rihanna was feeling “jealous” of Drake’s relationship with Nicki Minaj, new reports are claiming that Rihanna could now be getting her revenge by teaming up with Nicki’s man.

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