Microsoft file dating

The caveat is that sometimes the information recorded in the metadata is missing or incorrect.

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Use the information on our Components page to determine which jar files to include in your classpath. So if you're motivated, ready, and have the time: Download the source from the Subversion Repository, build the code, join the mailing lists, and we'll be happy to help you get started on the project!

As a general policy we collaborate as much as possible with other projects to provide this functionality.

Examples include: Cocoon for which there are serializers for HSSF; Open with whom we collaborate in documenting the XLS format; and Tika / Lucene, for which we provide format interpretors.

When practical, we donate components directly to those projects for POI-enabling them.

A major use of the Apache POI api is for Text Extraction applications such as web spiders, index builders, and content management systems. You'd use POIFS if you had a document written in OLE 2 Compound Document Format, probably written using MFC, that you needed to read in Java.

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