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Hilarious: walking into a pharmacy accompanied by my older sister and having the pretty young cashier smile and ask me, "Are you her mother? There was a time, from my early teens on up into my mid-20s, when I couldn't walk down the street without stopping traffic. All young women experience this—the time when their flesh is at its ripest and they are in their prime.In addition, you also have complete control over your profile so you can choose to share as much or as little information as you want with other members.You can choose to share your photo album with everyone or only with your friends.In my neighborhood I see all manner of couplings: casual, interracial, bireligious.From the sidelines, I wonder, "Where are all the available men?Member’s also have the ability to report any comments or material that may be deemed to be offensive.The Asian Friendly policy is for a friendly and nice approach to online dating and we hope you will enjoy using our free dating site to meet new people, make new friends and maybe get lucky in love and find that special person in your life right here.A man, like a bug, could sense this barrier, and if he knew what was good for him would have enough sense to keep his distance. Even I, despite my claim to open-mindedness, find myself attracted and addicted to men a decade younger than myself. In the ocean of middle age, trying to adjust to the waves and not get caught and sucked under by a riptide.Of course, standoffishness can outlive its usefulness. Yearning to relax into acceptance of the inevitable—and the not awful.Back then, I was frightened by the way men reacted to me, so I developed a pose, a harsh exterior that at once evoked superiority and indifference. older." The way a chipped herringbone may hold special appeal to a collector with a soft spot for period china, not with the magnetic draw that youth and fresh-faced innocence pulls us all closer.It was the only shell I found effective at keeping men at bay: a bit like an invisible bug zapper. "Keep up with this story and more Yes, of course, I do. Now I watch young women pass by and marvel at the tautness of their breasts, the tightness of their abs; even when their bellies are more plump than flat, they hold the radiance of young skin that makes them look more like a pout and less like a gut. I understand the appeal and know with unequivocal surety why it is that men, young and old, seek younger flesh.

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