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It officially opened on September 11th 1987, although it was in part in use from , when PRN productions moved from the Crosstown Circle building to Audubon Road.

The complex originally contained 2 recording studios, Studio A and Studio B, a rehearsal room, with full recording capacity, sometimes referred to as Studio C), a video editing suite, and a 12,500 square foot sound stage.

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They also updated the amplification, some of the cabinetry and traps and the control room.The acoustical isolation was designed so that the soundstage can be used at concert levels while the other studios are in use.It was built by local constructor Bossardt-Christenson and was fully completed in 1988.The granite walls aid in enhancing digital recording while the wood room was designed for the acoustics of any instrument that resonates.At 1,000-square-foot studio (45' x 55'), broken down into one live room, one vocal room and a central room, studio B is a simpler arrangement, totally built and modified to Prince’s specifications.This is a 1,500-square-foot studio, approximately 45' x 75', broken down into an acoustically live room with granite walls, and a large central room.There is one wood isolation room, and a vocal isolation booth with two isolation rooms and a control room.He made it his primary location for recording, filming videos, rehearsing tours from 1987 to the beginning of the 2000's and from 2007 onward.It was also used extensively for one-off performances in the second part of the 90's.The complex was designed by architect Bret Thoeny working for BOTO Design Inc, of Venice, CA and acoustician Marshall Long, working with local engineers in the Minneapolis area.Bret Thoeny took the lead in studio layout and control room design while Marshall Long provided HVAC noise control, vibration isolation, room-to-room sound separation, and made contributions to the studio interiors.

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