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Whoa, things are different and I don't wanna try.' Do you see where I'm a little irritated? Jason attempted to justify his decision by telling Melissa that he had attempted to put aside his feelings for the good of their relationship, but added that in the end he did not want to spend his life with her and have the regret of never knowing what could have been with Molly.

Melissa, however, was not accepting of the explanation.

"We've spent a lot of time together, we spent some time afterwards in New Zealand together we've had a couple of trips together and we spent all of the holidays together, And as easy, as beautiful, as wonderful as we all just saw and I lived it, since then the chemistry has been completely different and I started trying to think of why, what was in me?

I've done a lot of soul searching and digging inside me and for that love and passion to not be there just breaks my heart." "She knows things feel completely different," Jason responded when Chris asked what Melissa knew about his plans.

After Melissa departed the set, Molly, a 24-year-old department store buyer from Grand Rapids, MI, came out for a brief interview with Chris in which "Chris, that is a thought that goes through my mind every single night," she said.

"All I've wanted since I've been back from this experience is for him to call me or knock on my door and say 'I made a mistake, I want you back.' And my feelings have not changed for him since I got back.

"What you need to know that you don't know is that Melissa was out here [on stage] earlier and I ended things with her because I haven't been able to stop thinking about you," Jason told a shocked and confused Molly."I think the most insincere thing I could do it jump real fast from one thing to anything but I was hoping we could have a shot -- you know, see if we could go out for coffee or a drink and see where things [go]." "I did everything -- I thought -- right at the time and like all the feelings that I had are still here and it's unbelievable with everything going on, there was never a doubt that you were in my heart even 'til the last moment -- even after you left, obviously," Jason told Molly."They've never ended, I was falling for you early on, and I still am." After alternating between stunned silence and awkward laughs as well as expressing her concern for Melissa, Molly finally told Jason she was willing to give him a second chance. "I think we still have a lot to talk about, but my feelings never went away.I'm so excited about it," Molly added before she and Jason shared a reunion kiss."I think there's bigger discussions that we need to have -- obviously I went through a very difficult situation having left the way I did in New Zealand and I think I need to have a better understanding of why that happened -- but I would be lying if I said I wasn't glad this was happening right now." "What's most important is we're both following our hearts and doing what is right for us, even though it is impacting other people," Jason told Chris.I'm doing all I can to make this work with Melissa but I can't control how I'm feeling -- the real, honest true feelings -- and I wish they weren't there." "Ya," Jason responded when Chris asked if he was saying that he was still in love with Molly, but added that he hadn't spoken with Molly since he proposed to Melissa. I fell in love with Melissa, I was engaged to Melissa, and all my attention and all my focus was with her," Jason said. I would do that, but I can't." "I have to [end it]," Jason told Chris."I can't live my life with any regrets and I would have always regretted not asking Molly what if?While Ty took more time to warm up to Molly than he did with Melissa, both bachelorettes ended their time with Jason's son by the end of their time together.Both Molly and Melissa handled themselves well when faced with intense questioning from Jason's family, who wanted to ensure that whomever Jason chose would not break his heart yet again.What I was feeling for you the day that I left New Zealand until today, those feelings never went away.I think we can see where things go." "This is something I dreamt of but never expected to hear...

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