My dish network guide not updating

If the “soft reset” does not fix the issue, a “hard reset” should be performed.

Locate the power cord at the back of your receiver. If the problem persists even after a “hard reset”, customers should call DISH Network Customer Service at 800-333-3474 to speak to Technical Support or have a replacement receiver shipped to them, since customers have a lifetime warranty on their leased equipment.

This does not mean that the receivers have stopped working and need to be replaced.

Fear not, a lot of these small glitches can be resolved with a simple receiver reset.

The guide for Windows 7 Media Center has not been updating for about a week now. When I update the guide it completes normally but the guide data end date stays the same.

I live inthe San Francisco Bay Area in Northern CA.

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There are two types of a reset that customers can perform on their DISH Network receivers.DISH sent me a thick envelope yesterday filled with all kinds of offers and freebees. Inside the 'We value you as our customer and appreciate your business' card, it states 'programming package price will be increased by starting in February. x 12 million subscribers= million more revenue per month. You can't honestly sit and say there is always updates every single day at - am, if this is the case, then it must be the biggest pile of junk on the planet. However, if it wasn't for being roped into a 2 year contract, I would have ditched it after the first week over this. I'm finding it hard to believe that channels have to charge more because of their cheap to produce reality programs. Not for program updates as I own [as in purchased] my receiver 15 years ago. The shut down is to validate the smart card that you are paying your bill."We are working on a software update for the Hopper system to where customers can change the update time." Of course no other respectable software developer requires a complete reboot of their software on a daily basis. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. I had a stand alone tivo, and unless I remembered to turn the P. I never saw the "update" do anything but turn the thing off. No ETA on when it will happen, but your complaints are being heard and considered. Have those rocket scientists down there figured out how to do that yet? Instead, they make people hate it and regret getting it. I strongly suspect it was there because the owner of Dish wanted to force customers off tivo and onto his system. We are doing our best to be a more progressive, forward-thinking company. It should only do updates when there actually is an update. It will still check for the update at 1am, but won't perform the update and reset if you are actively recording something. We are working on a software update for the Hopper system to where customers can change the update time.As soon as the recording is finished though, it will do the reset. No ETA on when it will happen, but your complaints are being heard and considered.Just like a regular computer which might temporarily freeze its functions and be restarted, the DISH Network receivers might freeze as well.If you have noticed that your receiver’s video feed (picture) has froze, or if you continue receiving audio but the video has disappeared, simply reset your receiver.A typical reset should not take more than five minutes to complete and restore your receiver’s functions.In addition, if you do not see any picture on your television set, but are able to see the name of the program and the channel number, a reset will help to solve this problem.

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