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Not only had Nanys been persuaded by a blatantly suggestive identification procedure, Mc Cormick realized, and not only had she failed to pick out Calloway as an accomplice, she had also departed drastically from the physical description of the robbers she had given in the direct aftermath of the incident.Moreover, when Mc Cormick visited Nanys, he found her unusually confused about the specifies of the investigation and was startled when she said that she had not been present at any pre-trial examination, contrary to all the available records.As the trial finally neared, the court-appointed lawyers for Williams and Calloway recommended to their clients that they waive their right to a jury trial and plead their case before a judge.

Throughout the interrogation, cops prompted him to implicate Willie Calloway, a friend, as his accomplice.Nanys accordingly identified Williams as the armed assailant, and both he and Willie Calloway were taken into police custody on suspicion of murder.Williams and Calloway sat in prison awaiting their trial for more than a year.Further digging revealed that a gun with the same caliber that produced the murder wound had been reported stolen in St.Louis the day before the murder, that it had subsequently been transported to Detroit, and that the man who took it had spoken to police about a failed burglary/shooting with details uncannily similar to the Len murder.They presented him with a green, wrap-around jacket bearing his name and asked him to whom he had lent it.When Thomas answered that he had given it to Roosevelt Williams, the policemen mentioned the Len homicide and promised Thomas leniency on upcoming charges if he helped turn up the killers.The defense noted that the statement was not legally binding on Calloway, as it was not given in his presence, and the judge responded that he would therefore disregard references made to Calloway and consider them irrelevant to the case against him.There is no information as to what argument, if any, the defense attorneys made on behalf of the defendants.Bannan, who was convinced that Calloway was innocent.The warden showed Mc Cormick documentation in which Thomas, who had also passed through his jail, admitted the falsity of his testimony against Williams and Calloway and described the questionable police tactics that had produced it.

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