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I feel like they have enabled her behaviour by taking this seriously.

They’ve condoned this woman snooping over people’s shoulders and taking photos of them and their phone screen without consent.

She’s definitely sold her self online as a cam girl, don’t let the twitch handle fool you. She’s unemployed has no job no friends and thinks she’s a queen bitch because as she likes to say “Persian’s Rule The World” She doesn’t strip, but she’s thinking about it.

She’s really just pathetic and poses on her boyfriend(s) camero when she’s not blowing dudes on the side for a ride after work.

Funny Pick Up Lines: "Gurl, do you have a shovel in your back pocket?

The people in front of me were actually holding their noses and I honestly was holding down trying not to dry retch.

Anyway, I got called into my boss’s office at the start of my next shift and got told that someone complained about me.

At one point, my boyfriend texted me asking if I’d left work yet.

I wrote back saying something to the effect of ‘Yesssss…I can’t be home soon enough….

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