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z_de&&z_J("1.9.1");z_I&&z_J("9");var z_Oe=! The Woman has only given her first name Elena, but I saw a message from Steve on your website, and the letters were almost identical.(Posted under Elena Karaseva ) She appears to be an only child in her letters, she works at a restaurant, and uses the computer at her place of work.I now have the opportunity to "play her", and I will ! There are two new e-mail addresses they use out of Tyumen City - [email protected] [email protected] cant send pictures but they have her in a flower hat, one in jeans, and a full body wet t-shirt one with Russian on it.I was contacted 7/16/01 on in response to a profile I submitted.She told me she lived in Tyumen, but the address she sent me was in Magadan. She told me that now she has become a professional in making the tour to different countries. The only thing she told me now that all the documents must be made here, in Russia.I have received 4 letters from her thus far, but she has not asked me for money. Send me your papers and I will make them ready here. z_td(),z_fe=z_s("Android"); function z_ge()function z_he()var z_ie=function()(),z_je=; function z_J(a)function z_ke()var z_me;var z_ne=z_b.document,z_oe=z_he();z_me=z_ne&&z_I&&(z_oe

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