Nfs export list not updating

You basically drag the timeline under the yellow line and click play.

It plays from clip to clip until you hit stop or pause.

In the past I’ve recommended Mobotix which has solid in-camera NVR capabilities but sometimes the price of these cameras and complexity have been a barrier to many.

Hikvision cameras also have this capability and is probably one of the best implementations I’ve seen once it’s setup, but there isn’t good documentation on how to do this, so I put together this tutorial.

Kudos to Hikvision for putting all this functionality in an affordable camera.

For Hikvision to make this perfect, they would need to support CIFS as that’s more common and is password protected where NFS is not.

As a warning, depending on the size of your drive, the speed of your NAS, this can take a while, maybe 30 minutes.

I tested it with Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox 22.

You click on the Playback tab across the top and you’ll see a screen like this Across the bottom are the play/pause button, stop button, and speed control buttons on the left and buttons to take snapshot and download recorded events on the right.

It will provide it’s progress on the right in terms of percentage done and when it’s done, the Status should show normal and you should see Free space.

I would reboot the camera because this is where my WD Mybook failed, it said Normal but changed to “uninitialized” after rebooting the camera. Now click on the Record Schedule tab Here you have to click the Edit button and enter in your recording schedule for motion detection.

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