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When loading the form a list of publications and a list of subjects are read from the repositories and bound directly to the controls.

The listbox will display the I can’t make that easier, that’s just winforms. We have been working with a clear model which an end user also understands.

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We're going to utilise the fluent configuration API to create our that you've configured elsewhere, we're just doing it in-line for brevity. A set can be mapped to an IEnumerable the others can be mapped to an Ilist.This will make databinding a snap as the default display of an object is To String(). )] Of course this tells me it isn't even trying to insert the category Id, unless that happens after the initial insert. Category); Anyway, on a more base level, I commented out the back ref to category in the forum entity, adjusted the mapping, and it's still not working. Fluent NHibernate has a concept called Auto Mapping, which is a mechanism for automatically mapping all your entities based on a set of conventions.There are several ways to describe a collection An n Hibernate mapping of a collection can even be in four different forms. A list has an integer index; a map is a list where the index has a complex type. In both classes I have overridden the To String method to a descriptive property. These publications are categorized in a number of subjects. A clear domain model in code will look like this This is a model I can communicate in a clear language with my customer. When it comes to storing this in a relational database things are more complicated.I am about to give up on this pos...unless somebody here simply gives me the right code to fix my problem. I'm tired of running in circles, and scouring the internet with no progress at all. Example: Forum forum = new Forum("Sample");category. In my experience most people do understand how data in information systems is organized in tabular form.But when I start talking about normalized tables we lose each other.

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