Nicholas hoult dating kaya

“I wasn’t too swept up in the film world, and it’s important to have real-life experiences to play the characters you want to and treat them with respect.”He also found it difficult to book roles because he experienced a huge growth spurt and was still in the process of filling out.“By the time I was 14, I was about six foot,” says Hoult. Hoult played Tony Stonem, a popular, scheming teen, and the series, which sought to approach controversial topics like drug use, mental illness, and death in a realistic fashion, became a cult hit in its native England.“It was a very different role: a manipulative, cool guy who has a grasp on the people around them and is considered a bit of an alpha male,” he says.

“I remember going into auditions, and they’d look at how tall I was and say, ‘Well, you’re taller than the lead actor, so there’s no way we can cast you.’”After the hiatus, Hoult’s career started to gain traction again with the teen drama Skins, which came out in the U. “It was quite different from who I was at the time, and I didn’t think I was suited to playing that character, so it was a great challenge.”Skins has become a springboard for many actors.

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Director Bryan Singer also took a shine to the show and Hoult and openly campaigned for him to be cast as Beast in the superhero reboot X-Men: First Class.

quite sweet and wet and cold, and we had bits of grapefruit in there. “The core concept of the film is that when you eat someone’s brains, you get their memories, and my character gets to know Teresa’s by eating Dave Franco’s brains.

Not the most conventional way of getting to know a girl, but it seemed to work!

It was on that film where he met Jennifer Lawrence.

The two reportedly began dating in 2011 and split a few weeks ago.

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