Nightline dating boston

That year, Nightline broadcast for the first time in the Soviet Union.In 1988, Nightline conducted a special report on-location from Jerusalem.

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Ted Koppel, then ABC News's State Department Correspondent, took on the hosting duties.In November 1992, science reporter Michael Guillen did the first live broadcast from Antarctica.There were times when a major breaking news story occurred as late as p.m.Over the years, Nightline had a number of technological firsts.The program did the first live report from the base of Mount Everest.During Ted Koppel's tenure as anchor (and on rare occasions since his departure), Nightline devoted each episode to a unique subject.Since its inception, the program has covered many subjects (science, education, politics, economics, society, and breaking news).Once the original format returned, reverting to a 31-minute structure, it remained unchanged through the end of Koppel's tenure; it was changed following his retirement.The program remains unique in American media, considering its nightly broadcasts.In 1982, Koppel interviewed Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) chief Yasser Arafat on the program, in which he had indicated that he would not accept conditions from the U. In honor of the 40th Anniversary of D-Day in 1984, Nightline aired a special edition which "covered" the landings on Normandy as though modern television news, along with satellite reports, had existed at the time.The following year in 1985, the program conducted its first on-remote broadcast from South Africa.

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