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) BAR LIBERTY, FITZROY For ages I’d look at Bar Liberty’s menu and deem it too fancy and tricky. KISUME, CBD When I moved to Melbourne in 2014, my stomach and I were deeply dismayed at the lack of Japanese eateries, a cuisine in which Sydney excels, from the fancy and expensive, to the corner joint doing gluggy teriyaki salmon. Nobu no longer needs to hold the fort; Kisume (sushi bar and restaurant) is . Not the service, not the pace, not the subtle, modern, playful Japanese dishes.Too many ingredients I didn’t know, and too pretentious. But you’d expect that from Lord Chris Lucas, the chap behind Chin-Chin, Kong and Baby, all three of which are all in my heart and favourites list. MARION WINE BAR, FITZROY From the silky paws of Andrew Mc Connell (he of Cutler and Co, which is next door, Cumulus, Ricky and Pinky…Especially after schlepping 18 hours to Maldives recently, for, if I’m be honest, The Exact Same Thing. The good overlords at Expedia knew this, which is why they sent me there to get proof.

You’ve had time to read a book, and relax, instead of Real Life, where any time the kids are out of the house, you’re working, or doing errands and household shit, so when you’re with the kids again, you’re buggered, and operating at 40 watts, and Just Doing Your Best To Get Through.

Even though it’s not my local anymore, I still visit a bloody lot.

A shared meal of (the best) salted flat bread and dip (in the country), simple pasta, roast chicken, fries and salad (and a Negroni, obviously) is unbeatable in this pig’s book.

My humble travel overlords at Expedia asked me to share my tips.

I warned them they weren’t very glamorous, but they insisted, so here they are: Do a mask before you fly.

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