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From Felix ********* to Me: what the hell is fax machine mode? From Felix ********* to Me: OMG dude ENOUGH WITH THE FAXES!!!!!! mike has no idea how phones work and tried to send a fax to my phone using the fax machine at his office. ======================================================== From another email account... ======================================================== From Me to Russ *******: Dear Anti-Semite douchebag, I got a bone to pick with you. thanks for nothing you jackass From Me to *********@*********.org: Hey there, I saw your ad and think I can help you. Seeing as this is your fault, I think you should pay me at least 0 as compensation. From Me to Felix *********: I wasn't sure what to do, so I sent you a fax. From Felix ********* to Me: DONT SEND ME A FAX From Felix ********* to Me: STOP SENDING ME FAXES From Felix ********* to Me: SERIOUSLY STOP TRYOING TO SEND FAX! From Me to Felix *********: Can't you just set your cell phone to fax machine mode? From Felix ********* to Me: YES From Me to Felix *********: Okay, I gave him your info. I'm on the plane now and they are making us turn our cell phones off for takeoff. From Felix ********* to Me: DONT HAVE HIM CALL ME YOU IDIOT JUST HAVE HIM CANCEL THE FAX From Me to Felix *********: This is an automated out-of-office reply from Mike Partlow: I will be out of the office on vacation in Canada until Monday, June 10th. From Felix ********* to Dave the Janitor: yeah hi dave here's the situation. It was somewhere in the stuff for sale section, if I'm not mistaken..does this mean I can't buy your shovel? I crossed over a river and now it says I am coming up on Route 113. Plus my speeding ticket which is going to be over 0. From Me to Steve *****: Apparently my registration and insurance are expired, so they are towing my car. They are taking my phone now so I won't be able to talk to you after this. I just got pulled over for texting while driving, and going 103 in a 65. Sent via Blackberry From Steve ***** to Me: how the fuck is that my fault!?From Felix ********* to Dave the Janitor: that isnt a thing! From Felix ********* to Dave the Janitor: look im in no mood to haggle with a janitor over a fucking fish tank. What if I had a fancy rich person job as an investment banker? Sorry I'm not an astronaut with a degree in brain surgery! From Felix ********* to Dave the Janitor: i didnt mean to insult you. Dave is one of the best janitors I have ever had the pleasure of working with, so you better watch your mouth. Big words coming from a guy who doesn't even own a fax machine. Mike From Felix ********* to Me: good because im not selling anything to a stupid FUCK who cant even figure out how to dial a phone number!!!!!!! you know how many times that fax machine called me you stupid piece of shit you have the nerve to say IM harassing YOU? From Me to Felix *********: This is an automated out-of-office reply from Mike Partlow: Hola! From Russ ******* to Me: Here is my final offer: shut the hell up and leave me alone! I'm not selling the fucking shovel GET OVER IT and quit being immature you son of a bitch. Benzaiten will banish audio demon to eternal suffering 4. From Me to Scott *******: Yes, this is the right page. Volunteers needed to train children participating in the Special Olympics hockey team.

Mike From Felix ********* to Me: CALL THE NUMBER From Me to Felix *********: What number? From Felix ********* to Me: my voicemail isnt full the phone never rang. 484-***-**** From Me to Felix *********: I just called the number again and I got a fax machine noise. I'm at the airport and my flight to Vancouver leaves in an hour and a half. From Felix ********* to Dave the Janitor: oh jesus christ.... From Dave the Janitor to Felix *********: So you aren't selling the fish tank? From Felix ********* to Dave the Janitor: done? How the hell do you think that is acceptable in this day and age? From Scott ******* to Me: wtf are you talking about. i was talking to someone else for help, but idk what his problem was. anyway my cd player isnt working and the manual is only in japanese so i need help reading the troubleshooting part. it has a picture of the cd player on the front and then this is the next page. From Me to Scott *******: Japanese instruction manuals are not like the American manuals you are used to. From Me to ************@*********.org: Hey there, I want your TV. i gave you the easiest directons and you still got fucking lost. you must be smoking crack if you think im giving you 0 and the tv. turn around and it will be on your LEFT From Me to Steve *****: I already turned onto Rt. you will be on 100 for like 15 miles before that happens! From Me to Steve *****: I think I'm on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I saw the toll and realized something was wrong, but there wasn't anywhere for me to turn around so I just went through it. you drove passed bethel dude IT INTERSECTS WITH PUGHTOWN. Sent via Blackberry From Steve ***** to Me: no dont do that!! Nobody picked up so I went to leave you a message, but it said your voicemail was full. It was the office fax machine and I already left for the weekend. From Felix ********* to Me: NO IT CANT WAIT UNTIL MONDAY ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME From Felix ********* to Me: GO BACK TO YOUR OFFICE AND CANCEL IT RIGHT NOW From Me to Felix *********: My apologies, I can't go back. CALL SOMEBODY AT THE OFFICE MAKE THEM DO IT I' M FUCKING SERIOUS From Me to Felix *********: Nobody is at the office, it is ! He told me to buy a fish tank from you and he'd get it from me on Monday. Maybe if you were a 0 Blueface Angel fish I would feed you. From Russ ******* to Me: My ad says nothing about the shovel. Until I read your disgusting comment about not selling the shovel to Jewish people. then ill send you that one From Me to Scott *******: That no table of content, that Sushi take-out menu! Mike From Scott ******* to Me: thanks so much mike. I live in West Chester, when can you come with the money? Mike From Steve ***** to Me: listen up you stupid fuckhead. From Me to Felix *********: Are you sure you didn't give me the number to a fax machine? From Me to Felix *********: Sorry, I set the fax machine to try sending the fax every fifteen minutes until it goes through. FUCK THAT YOU BETTER FIND A WAY AND CANCEL THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW!!!! now my phone is getting a call from the fax machine every 15 minutes. From Dave the Janitor to Felix *********: Mike didn't mention anything about a fax machine to me. I came across your ad in my search for a new shovel and it seemed like a great deal. From Scott ******* to Me: did i send the wrong page? can you look at this and tell me which page is the troubleshooting one? I majored in Japanese in college, speak it fluently, and lived in Miyazaki for two years. I don't know when I will get my car back so you will have to bring the 0 to me.From Russ ******* to Me: I' M NOT SELLING THE FUCKING SHOVEL LET IT GO! i took a pic of the page im pretty sure its the trouble shooting part. Judy From Me to ************@**********Judy, I am writing in response to your ad regarding helping children learn to skate.Tell me this asshole if you were doing a favor then why did you put that shit about the jews in there??? From Russ ******* to Me: TAKE THE AD DOWN ======================================================== I emailed him one last time, from another account. - Dave From Me to ************@***********.org: Hi! can you see if it says anything about no sound coming from the output? Plug glorious master CD player back in" I hope this help! I was a legend in minor league hockey until my career was cut short by a career ending injury. I only ask because we need someone to skate one-on-one with the children. The guy was fine, but everyone turned it into this huge ordeal.From Dave the Janitor to Felix *********: Why are you so worried about this fax machine? Sorry it took me so long to figure out how to cancel it. From Felix ********* to Dave the Janitor: yeah yeah.... thanks bye =================================== A few days later, from my original email account... From Me to Russ *******: You drive a hard bargain on the shovel. This is absolutely despicable and an outrage to the Jewish community. Sincerely NOT buying your shovel of hatred, Mordecai Goldstein From Russ ******* to Me: I don't have a problem with jews at all! From Me to Scott *******: You sent me a sushi take-out menu. Looking at it closer, it says "Thank you for purchasing this glorious master CD player. " Mike From Scott ******* to Me: well that is dumb...whatever. none of this is my fault you are just a fucking dipshit that cant follow directons so fuck the fuck off and never email me again!!!!Can't you just turn your cell phone to fax mode? From Dave the Janitor to Felix *********: Tell you what, I'll cancel the fax machine if you drop the price on the fish tank to . I know being a janitor isn't the most desirable job, but I gotta put food on the table for my kids somehow! I am in no mood to turn off fax machines for a rude, snobby, patronizing fish tank owner! =================================== From Me to Felix *********: Felix, I just got back from Canada to find out you were belittling my janitor? the dumbass who sets a fax to send me every 15 minutes and then LEAVES THE FUCKING COUNTRY? From Me to Russ *******: I'll give you for the shovel. I'll give you for it, and that is my final offer. Someone else put that ad up to mess with me and I cant find where it is! From Me to Russ *******: Why don't you shovel your Nazi bullshit to someone else? ======================================================== He finally decided to email my original account: ======================================================== From Russ ******* to Me: Look you little prick I know you put that fucking ad up and you need to take it the fuck down RIGHT NOW. From Me to Scott *******: I just translate what you give. i think this page is the troubleshooting part because of the tables. do you see anything about there not being any sound? oh and i sold the tv to someone else and the guy had no problems finding my house cause HES NOT A FUCKING MORON Original ad: Attention all ice skaters and hockey players!Anyway, the pussies at the commissioner's office considered it "gross misconduct" and "assault" and gave me a lifetime ban. My nickname used to be "Murderin' Mike" (don't worry, I never actually murdered anyone. I won more fights than everyone else in the division combined.In fact, I've only ever lost one fight on the ice.

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