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The Corporate World I'm currently working as an escort.

Let me focus on the term "working girls" because that's how I got where I am today. Job openings were scarce, but I got lucky and landed a position as assistant buyer at a large department store.Okay, Jake was nice looking, in his forties, and married with two kids.However, he liked to take advantage of his position with the girls working under him, and in some cases, literally under him.On business trips, he expected and usually got more. The first time, he just wanted a blowjob to settle his nerves after an argument he had with his wife. Anyway, if I wanted to as he put it, I would help him out.Now understand, I was no prude when I joined the corporate world. So on this memorable day after closing hours, he took me into his office for a job review. It wasn't really a surprise to see he was unzipped with his erect cock sticking up as straight as a flagpole. He put his hands on my shoulders lowering me down to his dick.It was only the custodian asking if he could clean the office.Jake turned to me and said, "That will be all, Miss Jackson," and told the custodian to come back in a few minutes.Fucking strangers has always turned me on, but that's part of this story I'll leave until later. They are firm and large, ripe for eager males to touch and suck.Jake walked behind my chair and fondled both breasts pinching my nipples until he heard me sigh and groan.I thought it was funny until we were together for after work drinks. I had gone two weeks without sex, so I was horny and wanted to fuck him too.Bert said he had a surprise for me at his house just outside of Little Rock. When he took me to his bedroom and opened a briefcase, the inside was filled with kinky gadgets and ropes that looked more like torture than your from your local hardware store."What's up with this, Bert? Slaves don't speak until given permission."At that, he pulled off my dress pushing me onto the bed.

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