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Joey, 69, from London said: “I got to a point where I thought I’m going to kick the bucket fairly soon.” So three months ago, he joined Grindr, the mobile dating app for gay men, and told us he’s now “averaging, I would say, four men a week”.

Joey is like almost half of all our respondents (46 per cent) who told us that sex is important to their lives.

Why do a bicep curl when you can work even more of the body by doing a squat with overhead press?

And if you only have time to fit in one move today, don't you want it to be THE move?

Her granddaughter Nicola is acting as both facilitator and gatekeeper and sifting those she thinks are suitable.

As Nicola sends a smiley to a man called John who’s caught her grandma’s eye, Connie tells us that Nicola need not worry about her.

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And Holly should know, besides being a Nike Master Trainer and Flywheel Sports Master Trainer, she also used to play professional basketball.In exclusive research, Channel 4 News carried out in-depth interviews with 76 over-60s all over the country and polled another 500 to find out about love, sex and relationships in what is fast becoming a new, old age.“I can say that sometimes in the street I think: ‘Oh yeah, that would be a nice person to go to bed with’,” Vikki, 70, from Dorset told us.Margaret, 67 from Oxfordshire told us: “We still feel as though we have a right to be a sexual being as well as everything else. ” “Younger people nowadays must think: ‘Oh God, that’s gross, you know, granny’s at it,'” Myra, 67, in Essex, told us.But at it they are, and a third of those who are single told us they too would like to meet someone new.Many of our respondents told us that their first marriages in the 1950s and 60s had been repressed, and if they are dating again today that they are keen to experiment and enjoy a much more empowered, adventurous relationship. For some women, it has only been in later years that they achieved orgasm for the first time. '” Having had conventional relationships in the past, lots of people we spoke to are choosing to have relationships on different terms today. And just like younger people, most are turning to the internet to do so.Connie, 83, from London has just signed up for a dating site, even though she can’t work a computer.“I have got my wits about me, I do know what it’s all about.” Stella and Peter met on e Harmony and got married a year ago, having both lost their long-term partners.Peter, who was 70 at the time, recounts the nerves of starting over again after many years without sex and said: “I can remember sitting on the sofa with Stella and discussing this and saying, well, I really don’t know whether anything works any more. The internet has made finding love so much easier, but this increased access to sex is leading to increased rates of sexually transmitted infections.

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