One night stand college

But, I think it’s inappropriate (though very entertaining) when I hear about the size of some dude’s apple-headed monster from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who defeated the great beast.

This school is way too small and the grapevine way too intricate for you to go around being the fountain of forking folktales.

Even though they are not your lifelong lover, your short-lived companion deserves all the respect you would give to someone who is.

Whether the circumstance was good, bad, awkward, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, drunken, life-changing, regrettable or whatever, it is your obligation, as a willing participant of a sexual experience, to be civil with this person later.

If your one-nighter is a Swattie, it is inevitable that you will see them again.

One night stand college-17

That doesn’t free someone from the brief relationship you shared.Once you have engaged in a sexual relationship with someone (whatever that entails), there’s no need to brush it off as a purely physical fix.Most people recognize that casual sex is used to satisfy a carnal craving.Actually having the sex is something that is so effortless.Yes, technique and performance anxiety can be a nagging bitch.You don’t have to become their next BFF, but keep a casual acquaintance, at least directly after the incident.It’s not too hard to make small talk, but it makes a big difference.There’s no reason for everyone and their momma to know every intimate detail of your introduction to anal sex in the DU bathroom.Yeah, sure, share your exploits with your close buddies, if you are so inclined.But, many don’t also realize that we, as intellectual beings, also hanker for a lil’ intimacy, too.It is, after all, the brain that holds the title of ‘biggest organ in the body.’ Feeling close to someone is a major sexual driving force.

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