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They're challenging, but useful for short duration reading.

Newspapers are tough, as are some forms, but I read everything online these days.

Sometimes the cataracts are not removed soon enough after birth, and the brain's visual cortex doesn't fully develop.

This is a common reason for less than perfect acuity in these situations.

The annoying thing is that as a kid, I had bifocal lenses that now as an adult, with modern technology, is no longer available. So long as she has no other issues with her eyesight, she can probably see pretty well.

I think she lives in contacts for as many hours per day as her eyes allow. se=8&ig_cache_key=MTY4NDI3Mz U1MDQ4Mj I5ODk4MQ==.2 se=8&ig_cache_key=MTI5Nz E1OTAw MDkw Mz Q1Nj Ix NQ==.2 These are the -20 glasses she had 2 years ago. se=7&ig_cache_key=MTE1NTY3ODEx MTEx Mj Iz NDAw NQ==.2 She is quite a gorgeous lady.Is it just an oblique angle astigmatism or something else (prism or what)? YRFRK5Slit , Another TV Programme from Taiwan discussing eyesight of their own celebrities... v=Lu CBS-H-p LA Use this search term: 重度近視大學生, meaning, severe myopia Likelenses , I don't believe you actually know her personally. NJ , John, pulling -28 lenses down your nose will not cause magnification.Coul it also be that such strong lenses Will magnify the surroundings for the person?How long distance Will a person like this be able to see, what Will the limit be before everything gets blurry., Plus F5FMwai Ar P26Jim H , Moderate minus Mzgg Y7/ Bifocals Yje9YD1Oy/ Z7Tzn DSh/ Qg KCZ/ Cute Jim H , Moderate minus P8Ml Fhfr I/ Bikini HXW/ Clear frames Jim H , Moderate Plus Ae U1Eli VJ/ Nice PDu/ Bvg-og TYP/ Fnc R/ Mister Mild , The latest from Fox Trot Bitch _nc_cat=0&oh=56255580712249bcf6acf1190b44f8ac&oe=5BE617AE Kelly the Brazilian _nc_cat=0&oh=157e118ab6dba4c252a6971e3a0f02eb&oe=5BE3B688 Mister Mild , Wholesome Hungarian hi-minus Conce asked how much the girl would be able to see.I can only speak for myself but despite the thick glasses my vision is actually pretty good.Soundmanpt , Just to clear up all the confusion, I have decided to upload a picture of my true self.Yes, my name is Jim Boice and here is what I look like at home when I am typing on eyescene: UJ3 Moonshiner , Soundmanpt You were warned sternly to cease and desist. Therefore if I see any future comments from you on this topic, your IP address being banned. Soundmanpt , The more I think about it, I really just want to fuck her brains out. Personally I look at them as sex objects rather than people. I think I am going to destroy at least three Depends undergarments creaming over her. With her glasses maybe only 20/40 and that's with her current prescription being in her glasses not the -20.00 glasses you showed from 2 years ago. Eyestein , This is the -21 girl found earlier by Jim H.

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