Online dating dealbreakers

Poor health and negative personality traits operated as dealbreakers in all types of relationships, even friendships — although to a lesser extent. They found dealbreakers to be stronger in long-term dating contexts, and stronger in women than men in short-term dating contexts.Another interesting finding was that participants assessed dealbreakers more negatively than they assessed dealmakers positively.

On A Dating Site)"Girls will often complain about the quality of men they are talking to on their profile.I understand that there may be many less-than-ideal matches, creepers, etc. However, dedicating your entire profile text to this tells me nothing about you personally (besides that you are a negative person).It's a very big red flag." -Andrew, 22 Strange Dealbreakers"I understand listing your preferences on your profile, like if you'd like someone who is also athletic, or someone who is also a vegan, etc.Coming up with witty responses to the questions on your online dating profile can be tough — but if you're trying to be cute by saying that you can't live without puppies, you might want to reconsider your answer."Typical" Profiles"Lack of content, or banal content.To get their results, the team conducted six studies involving different age groups.Some of the dealbreaker questions used within the heterosexual college sample they studied included: "Has health issues such as STDs”; “Smells bad”; “Is currently dating multiple partners”; and “Has anger issues or is abusive.” The researchers concluded that the factors which prompted what they termed “relationship repulsion” were negative personality traits, poor health, and using an undesirable romantic strategy. People with higher mate value listed a greater number of dealbreakers than people with less restricted mating strategies.Beyond lifestyle preferences, however, keep in mind that first date dealbreakers usually involve static characteristics that are not only enduring, but obvious.Paying attention when you are most objective will allow you to perceive problems sooner rather than later.Yet, given the reality that time is precious, it is best to recognize problems early on in a relationship, ideally as soon as the first date, when both parties are at their most objective.This is true even when a first date was planned online.

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