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Nothing feels worse than being betrayed by someone close to you. Modern technology allows more people to connect than ever before - but this has drawbacks, enabling people to conduct extramarital affairs, both physical and emotional.

Recent infidelity statistics suggest that in over ⅓ of marriages, one or both partners admit to cheating.

This expert went on a married cheating site and what she discovered about men is fascinating.

I recently went on the "cheating" dating site Ashley Madison while gathering information for my e Book on online dating. For over 12 years now, this website kicked off a boom of dating sites for married people.

Unless affairs are the drug of an addiction, they are one solution for those who can’t bring sex and love together.

Hopefully, some of these people will discover that it’s possible to heal sexuality and weave love and sex into one relationship.

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For example, if someone is carrying on a text-based emotional affair with a person they met online, does that count as cheating? As technology advances, the lines become increasingly blurred.

They often see wives as mother-like, or pure, and not appropriate for "dirty" or "nasty" sex.

"In the gutter" is only one expression reflecting the shameful nature of sex.

Many men and women pursue extra-marital relationships because they want to enhance their sex lives.

It can also be caused by emotional dissatisfaction - perhaps a spouse is feeling neglected or unappreciated.

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