Outsource your dating life

They're close to you emotionally, but not so close that they will lose perspective.Apps like Wingman -- basically Tinder except you champion a friend, not yourself -- help the process. The wisdom applies to spending money on people or donating your time to a cause.In both cases, giving an equivalent amount to others that you might otherwise have given yourself has been shown to boost happiness to a greater degree.They also tend to reduce cases of physical illness and mental duress.Here are Cerf's recommendations for living a happy, successful, stress-free life.Cerf has said this is the most important choice a person can make in life.Cerf's advice is to stop basing day-to-day choices about fitness and diet on individual numbers.They too easily become the goals themselves instead of a metric for tracking progress.

Often, people are surprised to see just how lucky they were, Cerf said.

He's found that a lot of people struggle to budget properly because they're up against so many timescales for spending and saving.

Paychecks, for example, tend to come twice a month. People go grocery shopping perhaps four times a month, but eat three meals a day.

Since decision-making is both faulty and exhausting, he argues that picking your social circle maximizes your chance of reaching happy, fulfilling outcomes.

It's based on research that has found people's brain waves sync up when they're in each other's presence.

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