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Mary Jo Fay, The Voice of Dating, Mating, and Relating - speaker, coach, and award-winning author: Unfortunately yes.I have found so many over 50 men who won't even look at profiles of women over 45, thinking they are over the hill or something.For those over 50, theres a lot less pressure than someone in their 20s or 30s whos looking for a serious relationship, marriage and a family.Seniors are past the point of starting a family and arent always looking for marriage when online dating.We have found that clients with open hearts and minds, making love a top priority in their life, have higher rates of success.Mary Jo Fay, The Voice of Dating, Mating, and Relating - speaker, coach, and award-winning author: The answer to this question is so variable and dependent on so many things.Online dating for over 50s is a booming trend amongst mature daters.Mature singles are moving on from faddy dating apps in favour of traditional online dating sites that offer safe and secure environments to seek and find friendship and relationships with people they can trust.

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Know your personal limits regarding sharing of personal information, learn to recognize inconsistencies, and always protect yourself. Dallisa, Date Coaching and Online Dating Profile Editing: They should look for something written in the profile of the person they are messaging and mention that detail within the note.

There seems to be less pressure and stress which makes success more probable.

Rick Soetebier, Author, Speaker, Blogger and Dating Coach: Be crystal clear about what you want in your next relationship and create a high quality profile that reflects that clarity.

(NOT true.) How women over 45 aren't fit enough or beautiful enough.

(Also not necessarily true.) The sad thing is that those men are missing a ton of potential dates with this attitude.

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