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A student who isn't able to take their exams because of illness can sometimes be awarded an aegrotat degree; this is an honours degree without classification, awarded on the understanding that had the candidate not been unwell, he or she would have passed.

The degree classification system does allow for a small amount of discretion and students may be moved up to the next degree class if their average mark is close and they have submitted many pieces of work worthy of the higher class.

Third-Class Honours is the lowest honours classification in most modern institutions.

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A minority of universities also award a 'First-Class Honours with Distinction' too, informally known as a 'Starred First'.When applying to study a degree, most people don't realise you do actually have the option to study for a 'regular' degree or one with honours.A degree with honours is usually the most popular - if your qualifications says 'hons' in brackets after the title, that's what you're studying.DLD College London DLD is the oldest and one of the most prestigious colleges in the UK, which, since its foundation in 1931 has built a strong reputation among students, parents, schools and universities.Abbey College Cambridge Students from over 30 countries are currently studying at Abbey College Cambridge because of the incredible academic results and commitment to helping all students achieve success.However, if you're studying an honours degree, you will not only get a pass/fail - you'll also get awarded a level of competency at the end of your degree.This is pretty handy, as it lets you show future employers (or your parents! Most universities award a class of degree based on the average mark of the assessed work the student has completed.However, they may be demoted a class if they fail to pass all parts of the course even if they have a high average.If you're unsure as to how this could affect you, then it's worth confirming with your personal tutor or exam officer.Walking away from uni with a First tucked in your back pocket puts you in the strongest position - your passion for your subject will be obvious to future employers, and will also show your competence and give you an edge over other graduates joining the job market.The majority of uni graduates usually fall in to the Second-Class Honours bracket, which is sub-divided into Upper Second-Class Honours and Lower Second-Class Honours.

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