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How else to describe a people who are easily swayed by catchy one-liners and slogans and phrases?

How else to describe a people who are better at reacting than responding; there is a difference between the two (hint: one of them involves thinking) Filipinos lack a sense of self-responsibility Filipinos always need a hero who will deliver them from their self-made wretchedness.

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However, it seems that the problem is that collectively, their society doesn’t encourage such. But true pride comes from a society building things as a collective, from accomplishing things where each member of that society can feel happy and satisfied knowing that they had a part in building that thing or accomplishment.As a result, you will be able to provide for your family in the months and years to come, not just as one-time-big-time-cash-assistance.OWWA is teaching you how to fish, instead of giving you the fish directly, as the popular saying goes.I thank Will Villanueva and those who commented on his recent article for making this point so clear. For it is the dreams that surround freedom, democracy, and the promise of prosperity that most of us labor for, and self-fulfillment is a big deal in that formula. How do we make dreams real for those caught up in daily struggle? Is there a way that we can make STRIVING for those goals tangible? It is a sloppy, grumpy, inefficient place, in the main.Former Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima said that LP lost the 2016 election because LP candidates were busy talking about intangibles when the people needed tangibles. How do we help people touch the dreams, for themselves? Furthermore, few Filipinos anywhere look for a “career path”, they look for a job.If you drive a car, if you use signal lights to turn or change lanes, a lot of drivers will not let you pass through.Filipinos are overly emotional How else to describe a people who elect their leaders based on a perceived sense of “honesty” and because their relatives died?Ex-OFWs, OWWA active and non-active members may apply for the various Overseas Workers Welfare Administration OFW Loan Programs and Livelihood Assistance.This i Sensey article will focus on the benefit that former OFWs who failed to complete their contracts can get from this government agency.Consider this a list, not exhaustive, of character traits that Filipinos need to overcome if they want to emerge as a better society – definitely better than their current situation indicates.Filipinos are rude, undisciplined and inconsiderate The quintessential example of this, of course, is to look at a daily commute and a typical traffic scene in the Philippines. They all want to be first; if they spot a chance to overtake, they will.

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